Studie: Benchmarking und Betriebsvergleich von Krankenhäusern in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz


Benchmarking ist ein bewährtes Management-Instrument wenn es darum geht,

  • die eigene Marktposition im Wettbewerbsumfeld festzustellen,
  • Ziele und Aktionsschwerpunkte für die zukünftige strategische Ausrichtung des Unternehmens abzuleiten sowie
  • zu erkennen, in welchen Leistungsbereichen eine Verbesserung im Vergleich zu anderen Unternehmen Unternehmen möglich oder sogar dringend notwendig ist.

Das CKM führt derzeit eine Fragebogen-gestützte Studie zum Thema "Benchmarking unter Krankenhäusern in der DACH-Region" durch. Krankenhaus-Manager, die sich an unserer Studie beteiligen erhalten das "Jahrbuch Gesundheitswirtschaft" kostenlos zugeschickt. Darüber hinaus stellen wir Ihnen das Ergebnis der Studie zur Verfügung.


Den Online-Fragebogen finden Sie hier.

Project: International Hospital Benchmarking


The project in general


The International Hospital Benchmarking Project was brought on its way by the Bertelsmann Foundation in 1998. The CKM, founded by the Foundation in 1994, was asked to develop a concept that on the one hand allows a comparison of hospitals in order to find out the critical success factors that are enabling hospital performance. On the other hand the concept had to facilitate a transfer of the identified parameters from one organization to another.


In this respect the CKM developed a methodology that devides the project into two categories: a comparison of procedural outcomes and cost structures of specified clinical processes, for example total hip replacement, CABG, hysterectomy and hernia repair; the other is learning about best practices at the participating hospital benchmarking partners. In the context of the project a best practice can be a clinical, care, or an administrative best practice.


The overall objective of the CKM/Bertelsmann international benchmarking project in healthcare is to establish an international circle of organisations that are not afraid of stepping outside of themselves to expose their own thinking open to the influence of others and thereby learning from others as well as gaining ideas and inspiration from the outside.


The international benchmarking project in healthcare is scheduled to run over a period of three years. Over that period the benchmarking team members (two delegates from each of the participating partner hospitals) are invited by courtesy of the Bertelsmann Foundation to participate in the bi-annual three day benchmarking forums held in Germany.


To date a total of 20 care provider organisations from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Poland, South Africa, Spain, USA and Germany are participating. Hospitals from further countries have already announced their interest of participation.




The aim of the project is to develop a benchmarking information network specifically to ...

  • establish a methodology for comparison, which both decreases the amount of time needed to find, and making the process of collecting information easier while at the same time ensuring the quality of the benchmarking information. To this effect the CKM has designed a relatively brief questionnaire allowing the possibility to ask follow-up questions. Together with the help of the benchmarking partners this questionnaire is continuously undergoing refinement and improvement to achieve the best possible quality of benchmarking information. 
  • learn something of value as representing best practices from the other benchmarking partners that helps one perform more effectively or efficiently as well as checking its transferability to ones own organisation.
  • discover how ones own best practice is perceived by others in combination with their experiences and sources of information.
  • build and maintain a benchmarking information network among like-minded organisations characterised by a direct person-to-person approach thereby yielding dividends in the form of improved levels of information quantity and quality for all involved.



Know thyself! The process of understanding others begins with an understanding of the self. Why is this so important? First, without thorough investigation of your own internal processes and services you may not realize the extent of your improvement opportunities. Second, without a thorough internal analysis you may be bypassing some important internal benchmarking opportunities. Third because you will be asked by other participants about your acvtivities in the same area. If you are not prepared to respond with assurance you might give the impression that your own organisational performance is not well documented and understood.


Subjects benchmarked: The process of data investigation entails five categories:

  • general hospital performance,
  • medical, nursing and administrative functions,
  • specified directories/specialities with selected processes,
  • best practices and
  • change management, training and coaching.

Centre point of this benchmarking effort is the comparison of specified performance processes. These are:

  • the five most frequent processes,
  • the five most expensive processes,
  • three processes, that are perceived by the organizations as best in class,
  • three processes, that are perceived by the organizations as sub-standard and - about which you would like to receive information from other benchmarking partners.



The current phase of the hospital benchmarking project will focus on the following specified medical procedures

  • orthopedics/emergency surgery: total hip replacement
  • gynecology: hysterectomy
  • general surgery: hernia (to be released shortly) struma (to be released shortly)
  • heart surgery: CABG

Further Activities


Over and above the bi-annual benchmarking meetings it is CKM’s intention to organise site visits between the benchmarking partners. These visits are designed to address and highlight specific themes and state-of-the-art developments. In this respect we see ourselves as an information brokerage. In addition, we are planning joint visits to international seminars and conferences.

Hopefully what you have read up to here has awoken your interest to participate....!


If you have questions relating to the benchmarking programme do not hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure giving you additional information. Address and phone numbers are to be found on our website.